Магнитный пускатель (контактор) Eberle ISCH 63-4S

Магнитный пускатель (контактор) Eberle ISCH 63-4S
Магнитный пускатель (контактор) Eberle ISCH 63-4S Магнитный пускатель (контактор) Eberle ISCH 63-4S
Производитель: EBERLE
Модель: Eberle ISCH 63-4S
Наличие: Есть в наличии
Цена: 4,900 р.
Количество:   Быстрый заказ
Магнитный пускатель (контактор) Eberle ISCH 63-4S — ваш заказ




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Three phase magnetic starter (contactor) to 63 ampere.
Manufacturer - Germany.
Magnetic starters (contactors) are used to automate processes in the construction and administrative management system: primarily for regulating the lighting, ventilation and heating systems, pumps (including heating). A device, usually mounted on DIN-rail installation,occupies 3 modules.
The contactor is an Executive mechanism, which is a block of high-speed switches (i.e., contact groups). It can be an independent device or be part of other equipment. The contactor is a switching device that is controlled remotely (eg. with the help of the thermostat), which is designed for frequent switching of circuits at nominal (normal) modes of operation. Short circuit or disconnection of contacts is usually done with solenoid actuator. A distinctive feature of the contactor, in comparison with magnetic starters, performing approximately the same functions is that they break the electrical circuit at the same time in several places, and magnetic starter break the chain usually only at one point.

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